Soundcraft’s mission to become more sustainable has driven a huge investment in solar energy at the firm’s factory in Kent where the installation of a 33KWp Solar Photovoltaic System will produce a majority of the company’s daylight electricity consumption.

Leading the Soundcraft sustainability project, Operational Consultant Mark Bendon said: “We have worked closely with Energy Gain UK, calculating our electricity usage over the last five years to produce an average consumption for each day, together with weather data for our local area over the last 10 years to evaluate maximum sunshine days. Based on these findings, we were then able to determine what amount of solar energy would be required to produce 100% of our electricity used during the summer months.”

Soundcraft’s long-term vision and major investment to achieve vital environmental sustainability goals also meets business requirements with an equally good ROI. The company’s 20-year energy-saving commitment to the new solar installation, which covers the entire roof of the main storage area, will save an incredible 132 tonnes of C02 with the ultimate aim for Soundcraft to become grid independent.

“From concept to commissioning, it has been a pleasure working with Mark and the management team at Soundcraft,” said Paul Meaden Relationship Manager for Energy Gain UK. “Solar photovoltaics forms just one branch of their wider goal to be an environmentally conscious and sustainable business. By taking the step to install photovoltaics, Soundcraft will now benefit from long-term energy price security amid volatile energy markets and a greatly reduced carbon footprint – something that is crucial in the current climate.

“We look forward to future work with Soundcraft on developing and delivering a net-zero roadmap in line with the UK’s ambition for decarbonisation. By assessing all areas of direct emissions, we will be able to develop a bespoke approach to meeting their site power requirements through innovative renewable solutions. Following the route of PAS 2060 accreditation, Soundcraft will be able to communicate its position as a carbon neutral company transparently and accurately. A milestone that not only shows a strong commitment to climate change mitigation but a proficient approach to business that will help ensure continuity in the future.”

Soundcraft data readings for the month of September show environmental benefits:
698.866kg of Co2 emissions saved, equivalent to 8.27 trees planted.