Soundcraft has recently completed replacing fully glazed aluminium entrance doors that originally were installed in the curtain walling system at the entrance of a new social housing development in Lewisham, south London. The doors formed part of the building’s door entry system.

The original doors specified were access controlled, manufactured in aluminium. The doors opened in and used a multipoint electronic locking system.

Problems with the doors began to occur almost as soon as the building was handed over to the client. The multi-point locking system, not ideal for this purpose, was found to be erratic at best; unable to function at worst. The difficulties were compounded by the fact that the pair of doors opened in, with the passive leaf secured with bolts, top and bottom.

Soundcraft was asked to come up with a specification that would overcome the problems. The proposal was to replace the pair of doors with a single door and fixed side screen from the Series 2000 range, but in steel, not aluminium; to switch the doors from open in to open out, and to use Securitron electromagnets for the locking system.

Apart from switching to an open out door (which was not approved by the planners) the other recommendations were accepted. A significant improvement in the effectiveness of the door entry system, with a consequent improvement in the security of the building, has followed the completion of Soundcraft’s work.

The photographs show the original pair of doors and the replacement single door.

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