Soundcraft delivers on six phases at London’s Royal Wharf

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The Docklands landscape continues to showcase Soundcraft’s expertise within high-profile properties following the manufacture of performance doors to all six phases of this vast development programme. Since starting the project in 2016, Soundcraft has consistently and successfully supplied bespoke products to one of the capital’s prime residential developments. Working closely with key carpentry subcontractors; Ruddy […]

What are the key features of timber Portcullis doors and screens?

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When it comes to doors designed for security, particularly communal security doors, a Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation is instantly recognisable – and the marketplace generally wants SBD-standard doors made from steel or aluminium. There are plenty of projects, however, where a door with SBD accreditation, or a metal door, is not required. In this […]

When should Portcullis timber doors be specified?

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Communal security doors welcome people to a building but are also the first line of defence against anti-social behaviour. Achieving the right specification so residents enjoy being secure in their homes without feeling prisoner is a delicate balance. The Portcullis timber door range by Soundcraft can help provide that balance and has proved popular with social […]

Regeneration for Pollards Hill Estate

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Soundcraft has been appointed by Main Contractor United Living to work on the large-scale regeneration of Pollards Hill Estate. Pollards Hill is set to be transformed into a million-pound Estate regeneration programme. The rejuvenation will assist with the improvement of existing homes as well as the creation of new homes.

Aesthetic options for Communal Security Doors

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Two recent Soundcraft installations of communal security doors display the range of aesthetic options available to suit particular residential requirements. The 2XG design of the door and screen at Elizabeth Court reflects the open nature of the approach and entrance to the building which is part of the stock of a leading housing association.

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