What is BS 6375?

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If you’re specifying doors or windows, there are a number of regulations and guidelines to consider. For example, there’s BS 6375, a British Standard that provides guidance on the selection of performance characteristics for windows and doorsets intended for the UK market.

What are DDA compliant door widths?

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‘What are DDA compliant door widths?’ is a question that we’re often asked. It’s important to note that although referred to as ‘DDA compliant’, the Disability Discrimination Act or DDA is no longer in effect. Despite this, DDA compliance is still the way many people refer to accessibility regarding doors.

What is Part M?

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Approved Document M of the Building Regulations (access to and use of buildings) is often referred to as Part M or ADM, and provides guidance on the design and construction of buildings to ensure access and inclusion for all.

How does Part M affect door specification?

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Offering safe and inclusive access to all buildings is important for ensuring everyone who wants to enter or leave a building can do so. Here in the UK, it’s also required by the Building Regulations Part M and various other standards and regulations. Part M deals with the access to and use of buildings. It […]

What impact has the new EU timber regulations had on procurement of timber doors and windows?

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March 2013 saw the introduction of the new EU timber regulations to prevent illegal timber being sold in the European market. Since the implementation of the scheme companies involved in the timber and timber product supply chain must have either, introduced systems to ensure compliance, or ensured that the systems already in use are compliant. […]

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