Aluminium Overswing Windows

Soundcraft has two aluminium overswing windows that have good thermal performance along with proven weather resistance.

They are:

  • SPW600 & 600e Impressive thermal performance and range of sections and ironmongery
  • SPW300 Thermally broken and meets current building regulations
Aluminium overswing window

The SPW300 overswing window is a thermally broken polyamide aluminium system that provides good thermal performance. It has slim sightlines, a wide variety of window styles and is available in single or dual colour.

  • Weather tested to BS6375-1:2009, achieving 600Pa air permeability, 600Pa water tightness and 2000 to 2400 Pa wind resistance depending on configuration
  • Able to receive glass and infill panels from 4 to 32mm depending on configuration


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The SPW600 and SPW600e overswing windows have been designed to meet current building regulations. SPW600 is a three chamber 75mm polymide window system that achieves impressive thermal performance and can accept glazing up to 56mm. SPW600e is an evolution of SPW600, improved by the insertion of polystyrene and backer rods.

  • Weather tested to BS 6375-1:2009, achieving 600Pa air permeability, 600Pa water tightness and 2400Pa wind resistance
  • Able to receive glass and infill panels from 26 to 56mm thick depending on configuration
  • Thermally broken SPW600e windows achieve BFRC ratings


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