Independent 3rd Party Fire and Security Door Certification

Independent, 3rd Party Certification by competent bodies is a vital consideration for the successful specification and procurement of construction products and services.

This is particularly the case with complex and critical products like fire doors or security doors.

Third Party Certification provides confidence that the products will perform to the required standards. For example, it is the preferred route for demonstrating performance of fire doors under Approved Document B of the Building regulations, and is a mandatory requirement for Secured by Design.

Soundcraft offers 3rd Party Certification on critical products and services. But to achieve the Certification the products and services must undergo rigorous testing and auditing on a regular basis, and integrate with the Company’s ISO 9001 Quality Management system.

Third Party certified products and services from Soundcraft include:

Fire Doors – certified under the BWF/Certifire or Exova BM Trada Q Mark fire door manufacturing schemes

Fire Door Installation – certified under the Exova BM Trada fire door installers’ scheme

Communal Security Doors & Screens – the Integrity Range includes both certified steel, and aluminium, communal security doors and screens. Both steel and aluminium CSDs are Secured by Design and Part Q compliant.

Integrity Steel CSDs are tested to STS 202 BR2 (similar to LPS 1175 SR2) and certified by Warrington.

Integrity Aluminium CSDs are tsted PAS24 and are certified by Exova BM Trada.

Windows – Soundcraft’s wide range of aluminium and composite (Hybrid) windows are tested to PAS24 and certified by Exova BM Trada. They are secured by Design and Part Q compliant.

Doors – Soundcraft has an extensive rage of aluminium and composite (Hybrid) dorrs for variety of applications. These are tested to PAS 24 and certified by Exova BM Trada. They are Secured by Design and Part Q compliant.

Secured by Design (SBD) & Part Q – Soundcraft’s Communal Security Doors, Windows and Doors are generally SBD and Part Q compliant.

Legal and Sustainable Timber – Soundcraft has FSC® and PEFC  certification with Exova  BM Trada.

ISO 9001 – certification with BSI for design, manufacture and installation.