What is PAS 23?

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Publicly Available Specification 23, also known as PAS 23:1999 is a now-defunct performance standard for doors and windows. Despite this it is still not uncommon to get requests for PAS 23, despite the fact it is no longer current. It was designed to confirm whether a particular doorset was fit for purpose and included weather and operational testing. Read more »

What is ‘Secured by Design’?

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When selecting doors specifiers have a lot to think about – with security being a major consideration.

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police initiative to guide and encourage those engaged within the design, specification and build of new and refurbished homes, commercial premises, schools, hospitals and sheltered accommodation, to adopt crime prevention measures.

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What testing is required for Secured by Design doors?

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The Secured by Design (SBD) membership and licensing scheme has been created to ‘design out crime’ through physical security in the built environment by adherence to well researched and effective design solutions, innovative and creative product design, coupled with robust manufacturing and performance standards. Read more »

What is Part Q?

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Even for an expert with years of experience, understanding the latest Building Regulations can be difficult. That’s why the Secretary of State has approved a series of documents that give practical guidance about how to meet the various requirements. Read more »

What is PAS 24 and how does it relate to Part Q?

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Trying to understand the Building Regulations can sometimes feel like navigating a maze; everything seems to refer to something else and it’s easy to find yourself going round in circles.

For example, Part Q of the building regulations offers practical guidance on how to meet security requirements for new dwellings, and it refers to PAS 24. Read more »

What is BS 6375?

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If you’re specifying doors or windows, there are a number of regulations and guidelines to consider.

For example, there’s BS 6375, a British Standard that provides guidance on the selection of performance characteristics for windows and doorsets intended for the UK market. Read more »