What glazing options are available for timber Portcullis doors and screens?

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Glazed panels play an important role in security doors. On its own, a panel designed for security purposes does not make a door secure – but it contributes to the performance of the product as a whole. Glazing may be seen as a ‘weak spot’, but it provides much-needed visibility for occupants and building users that can aid their security.

The timber doors and screens in Soundcraft’s Portcullis range are available with laminated glass or wired glass, and polycarbonate can also be specified. The glazing options are the same as those used in other products, including Secured by Design-rated doors. Read more »

What are the key features of timber Portcullis doors and screens?

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When it comes to doors designed for security, particularly communal security doors, a Secured by Design (SBD) accreditation is instantly recognisable – and the marketplace generally wants SBD-standard doors made from steel or aluminium.

There are plenty of projects, however, where a door with SBD accreditation, or a metal door, is not required. In this post, we’ll look at the features of the timber products in our Portcullis range and how they help achieve high standards of security. Read more »

When should Portcullis timber doors be specified?

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Communal security doors welcome people to a building but are also the first line of defence against anti-social behaviour. Achieving the right specification so residents enjoy being secure in their homes without feeling prisoner is a delicate balance.

The Portcullis timber door range by Soundcraft can help provide that balance and has proved popular with social housing providers for three decades as a result. Read more »

Can I specify FD20 rated fire doors?

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What do fire door ratings mean?

Fire door performance is rated in terms of resistance, and therefore the contribution a door makes to compartmentation and slowing the spread of fire.

It is declared as a number of minutes – 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes – and ratings can be determined by both British Standard or European Standard test methods. Under the British Standard, a fire door rated for 30 minutes resistance is designated FD30; one rated for 60 minutes resistance is designated FD60, and so on.

The rating for a fire door includes the complete assembly. That means the frame, intumescent seals, smoke seals (if required), lock, hinges, glazing and any other optional door furniture required for the application, all working in conjunction with the door leaf itself to achieve the necessary performance. Read more »

British and European fire door standards

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Which standards apply to fire doors?

National building regulations describe how our built environment should perform in the event of a fire, but standards describe how products and components should be tested to check that performance is achieved.

When researching fire doors, the wide array of door-related standards generally can be confusing. In terms of fire performance, BS 476, EN 1634 and BS 8214 are the most important documents. Read more »

The role of primary test evidence in fire door specification

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What is primary test evidence for fire doors?

Results of fire door testing apply to the specific configuration of components subjected to an individual test, and manufacturers ensure the products they produce replicate tested performance.

That consistency is a pillar of third-party accreditation scheme membership. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to call upon the test reports themselves, or primary test evidence. Read more »

Mick Brooker

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Everyone at Soundcraft is deeply shocked and saddened at the sudden recent death of our friend Mick Brooker.

Our sympathies and condolences are with his family at this time.

Read more »

Regeneration for Pollards Hill Estate

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Soundcraft has been appointed by Main Contractor United Living to work on the large-scale regeneration of Pollards Hill Estate.

Pollards Hill is set to be transformed into a million-pound Estate regeneration programme.
The rejuvenation will assist with the improvement of existing homes as well as the creation of new homes. Read more »

Wishing a Merry Christmas from all at Soundcraft

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From everyone at Soundcraft we wish you a Fantastic Christmas and a Prosperous 2018.

Our Offices will be closed from midday on Friday 22nd December and will re-open at 8.00 am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

During December, a limited production of the manufacture of communal portcullis security doors and aluminium curtain walling will take place. This is to ensure that the New Year begins with the necessary momentum to fulfil the installation commitments made for early January.

At this special time of year, we are looking back with appreciation to our customers and suppliers for your loyalty and looking forward to moving into the New Year together.

Best wishes from all of us at Soundcraft.

Fire Resistance Test on FD30 front entrance doors for a Housing Development

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City Island Phase 2 project is a housing development in East London. It includes 10 residential buildings, offices, retail, an energy centre and a centrepiece cultural building, which is home to the English National Ballet.

Soundcraft have been appointed by Pantera Carpentry for the supply of over 400 apartment entrance doors for the blocks (A&M). As the developer requested that a non-standard multipoint lock to be installed and as Soundcraft had not previously tested this particular lock a fire test was required.

Consequently, Soundcraft instructed Exova BM Trada to carry out the fire test on the FD30 front entrance doors, incorporating a German manufactured Glutz multipoint lock complete with the necessary intumescent packs. Other ironmongery included 4nr hinges, a cylinder with thumb turn, lever, escutcheons, spyhole and dropseal.

The fire test was successful with the doorset performing over and above the required 30 minutes mark and was switched off at 40 minutes. Soundcraft have since been awarded further Blocks (B&C) with the same customer for another 400+ apartment front entrance doors. In addition to being FD30, the doors are also Pas 24 and FSC.

A third-party certification from Exova BM Trada provides the reassurance that every product will perform as expected.

For more information on the range of doors and doorsets available at Soundcraft, view our product range here.